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oh no womens eyeball tentacle yellow platform heels


Eyeballs and tentacles may sound like the basis for a really weird dream, but these Oh No high heels from Iron Fist are the absolute proof that these two ideas can come together to produce a stunningly vivid and energetic assault on your senses. With man-made uppers in yellow, these Iron Fist heels have a wonderfully detailed illustrative design with a strap reaching over the peep-toe and fastened with an eyeball-like, faux button.

Supported by a 2.5cm (1 inch) platform sole, the womens Oh No supports the foot up onto the high, 12cm (4.75 inches) stiletto heel.

Guaranteed to garner attention, these Iron Fist Oh No are an awesome pair of womens heels; just what you need to show off your punk side. Grab yourself a pair now and you won’t be disappointed, these are a spectacular addition to the Iron Fist range.


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